You’ll love these big cat illustrations

The first article I wrote for – where I’ve just started a maternity cover role – was about these gorgeous illustrations of all sorts of big cats. They were drawn by an old school friend for his latest book, so I got in touch to find out a bit more about his work.

A taster of my article is below, with the rest of the Big cat illustrations article and pictures over at CreativeBloq.

Feline fans rejoice in these beautiful illustrations of lions and tigers and leopards and more!

Illustrator Owen Davey has created a new book full of every big cat you care to name, and it is gorgeous. For Crazy About Cats, Davey turned his hand-drawn illustrations into modern, colour blocked graphics in a distinctive style that includes a restricted colour palette.

“I sketched out all of the final images, scanned them, and then used a mouse and trackpad with shape and pen tools to create the finals all in Photoshop,” says Davey of his creative process. “I know I should use Illustrator really, but I’ve been using Photoshop for over 15 years, so it’s just second nature to me now.”

Crazy About Cats is Davey’s seventh book. It’s a mixture of infographics, text and illustrations – we particularly like the scale chart showing big cats side by side, and the page of weird and wonderful cats with some that we’d never heard of.

“I always start these non fiction books with the research. I spent a ridiculous amount of time rifling through books, watching documentaries, finding scientific charts, exploring the internet, and going to zoos in order to gain the knowledge to write the book,” says Davey.

Big cats CreativeBloq

See more of my Big cat illustrations article, and more of Davey’s pictures, at

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