13 simple habits to nurture your creativity

My post for MollieMakes.com on Simple habits to nurture your creativity involved speaking to the fantastic creative people who have been nominated for a Mollie Makes Handmade Award 2017. The passionate designer-makers and curators shared all sorts of wonderful insights with me about their craft and inspirations – so many, in fact, that I had enough material to write another post on Things makers credit their success to!

Here’s a taster of the first post, though:


Keep your creative reserves intact with these 13 tips for nurturing your creativity.

Ever wondered how one-woman start-ups, independent makers, and small teams looking after big brands top up their creativity? We asked the shortlisted crafters and champions up for a Mollie Makes Handmade Award 2017 to share their habits for nurturing their creative self.

These curators/designers/makers have buckets of creativity – seemingly on tap. Get an insight into how they do it…


Allow yourself space to breathe creatively. Taking time to just play around with new ideas and not worrying about it going wrong, and having days off from doing any work at all, is really important for developing new ideas. – Miesje Chafer, Best Established Business Award nominee

Step outside

Museums and botanical gardens are a great place to find inspiration – there is always something new to see. Be it a book cover or variety of orchid, it can spark an idea. – Jacqueline Colley, Best Illustrator Award nominee

If I feel a little overwhelmed or lacking in inspiration a quick trip to the seaside makes me feel reinvigorated. It’s almost as if seeing the sea resets something in my brain (I am sure I am not alone in that feeling.) – Kara Ford, Best Start-Up Business Award nominee

Connect with others

Every meeting I have with Liberty inspires me and makes me want to rush back to the studio and get designing. Inspiration can come from a swatch of fabric, a trip to a new location, a conversation with a friend, a story, a picture, a tear… almost anywhere. – Amy, Coco and Wolf, Best Established Business Award nominee

Quite often an idea will come from a conversation when we’re least expecting it. So the backs of envelopes and scrap paper is usually floating around the studio with half-baked designs doodled on them. – Ruth and Brendan of I Am Acrylic, Best Workshops Award nominee

Conversations with people who can’t find what they’re looking for can also help with new ideas or help me discover areas within my business I haven’t yet branched out into. – Joanne Hawker of #MarchMeetTheMaker, Handmade Champion Award nominee.

Make things up

I know it sounds silly, but genuinely, loads of my ideas come from my imagination and from sketching or doodling random shapes and patterns. – Rosa Pietsch, Best Established Business Award nominee

Seek inspiration from your heroes

Artists like Matisse, Paul Klee, Henri Rousseau are a constant inspiration, as well as designers like Paul Smith and Orla Kiely, to name a few. – Lucy Tiffney, Best Start-Up Business Award nominee.

Habits to nurture creativity Mollie Makes

Read the remaining Simple habits to nurture your creativity at MollieMakes.


Illustration by Becki Clark

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