Subbing for 3D World

I worked on 3D World for the first time recently, production editing the July 2017 issue.

The tutorials are pretty technical-sounding, especially to someone like me with no experience of using 3D art software. Luckily, they always get the artists who wrote the tutorial to double-check the subbed copy – so when I sent Zeno the tutorial below, he was able to make any tweaks for sense. By the end of my two weeks on 3D World, I started to understand when a writer was referring to a piece of software, a command, a mask, a plug-in or something else!

The features on the VFX in the King Arthur and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 films were thankfully more accessible to newbies like me, as were the features on breaking into games art and the showcase news section.

As with my work on Brownfield Briefing and an article I wrote on air ambulances (to be published soon), I enjoyed the challenge of getting to grips with a new topic that’s of huge interest to the talented professional and amateur artists who work in this field.


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