Subbing for BikeRadar

Last week I did some subbing work at

I did all the usual work that I do with magazine articles, including checking that facts were correct; making sure articles made sense; tweaking and rewriting copy to make it engaging and enjoyable to read; ensuring the language and tone were in keeping with house style; correcting mis-spellings and grammatical errors; and fixing repetitive language.

I also wrote headlines, straps, sub-heads and captions with SEO in mind, thinking about how people look for information online. These few words needed to help audiences find our articles and to navigate through them. Additionally, I added relevant links and found pictures to help illustrate the content effectively.

BikeRadar opinion

It was great to work online again after months of print-led work. I’d almost forgotten how exciting it is to see an article generating a buzz on social media. Like the opinion piece above that provoked huge debates, you receive instant and honest feedback from digital readers (good or skeptical) that you can’t get with print.

BikeRadar feature

It was also lovely to work with a former colleague again, from our days on TechRadar.

BikeRadar training


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