Artist’s studio explored

I wrote this description of artist Tim Burns‘ light-filled, colourful studio for Paint & Draw magazine.

Looking out onto the garden, Tim’s studio is filled with the smell of oil paint and turpentine, as well as “mess and clutter”. He says he wouldn’t want the mess or odours in his house, preferring to go to this dedicated space to work.

Tim moved into his house in Alton, Hampshire, eight years ago, and built the studio immediately, which he calls “the centre of my creative endeavours” and “my base”. In the last three years he has drawn and painted there every day, for a couple of hours or longer at a time.

A north-facing window floods the room with light. Tim covered the second window on the opposite side to avoid an uneven spread of light, in favour of a sidelight for still lifes. Framed artworks line the walls, while surfaces and containers brim with brushes and colourful media.


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