Working on Paint & Draw

paint-draw-coverPaint & Draw magazine launched in 2016 as a new and exciting magazine for budding artists. It features news, tutorials and buckets of inspiration for a range of subjects and artistic mediums. I have written, edited and even commissioned articles for the magazine, published by Future Publishing.

News writing

I wrote Issue 3’s news and events section, called Palette (and even got a picture of my cat in!)



I love that I got a picture of my cat, Mai, into the magazine! She illustrates the following news story:

Apps that turn photos into ‘paintings’!

These mobile and tablet apps that give photos a painterly look can be useful to artists

It’s becoming easier and easier to learn how to emulate the masters, with a burgeoning new type of smartphone and web-based app that turns photos into painting-like images in the style of famous artists.

Users can choose to give a photo of their cat the van Gogh Starry Night treatment, see themselves through Picasso’s eyes or even (as one user of the Deepart site has) make a brick wall look like Donald Trump. The apps use technology known as ‘deep learning’ to keep the essence of the subject in the original photo, such as the eyes and face shape, while mixing in the chosen style.

Art blogger James Gurney argues that these apps can help artists as analysing which features the technology deems important for recognition “helps us understand how we humans see and interpret images, and it also can help us as artists if we want to develop our own style, or on the contrary, if we want to try to rid ourselves of stylistic conventions.

There are a number of apps and websites offering similar services. DeepArt, developed by a team of university researchers, enables you to choose one of their filters, upload a picture of any artwork alongside the photo you’d like to emulate, or choose a style that somebody else has previously used. Dreamscope gives you options to emulate artworks such as Edvard Munch’s The Scream, André Derain’s Landscape at Collioure or van Gogh’s self portrait, as well as more generic textural overlays such as lace or straw. Its sister Paintbrush Art Filters app and the Prisma app on the other hand, emulate the style of different painting mediums and techniques.

Production editing

I’ve subbed a huge range of articles, such as this fabulous interview, below:




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