TechRadar iPhone 5 review is the biggest technology news and reviews website in the UK, with constantly updated tests of and news about new mobile phones, cameras, tablets,  laptops, computer accessories, TVs, hi-fis and so on.

I regularly edit and upload new reviews, ensuring that product specifications are accurate and descriptions are vivid and enticing. Features and reviews that I edit are rich in SEO, attracting new readers and helping regular visitors to easily find the content they love.

I have also put together the TechRadar newsletter several times, a strong, concise source of the week’s technology highlights, and have written a few pieces. Below are some of the articles I have edited or written:

TechRadar iPhone 5 reviewTechRadar Windows 8 review
TechRadar Photokina 2012 roundup

TechRadar MacBook Pro with Retina display review
TechRadar Nikon D800 vs Canon 5D feature


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