Well I’m doing it. I’ve decided to betray the city I love most in the world and move to another one. Bye bye London, hello Jane Austin land (aka Bath).

I’m moving to Bath to start a new job at Future Publishing, a large magazine publisher that, unusually, has its head office in Bath rather than London. I’m getting pretty excited about the move, which makes me feel guilty.

When I think about my friends, the South Bank, Big Ben, Borough Market, London buses and all the museums, galleries and parks that I love, I feel in my stomach that I will miss them. But when I climb onto a crowded tube, try to cross the ceaseless Euston Road or go to a place loaded with painful reminders of relationships passed I know that Bath will have so many great benefits.

The first thing I’m looking forward to is being able to walk to work rather than sitting on buses or tubes or trains for ages. I haven’t found a flat yet but I’ve replied to tens of ads, all of the places with 20 minutes or so of the town and my office, and all for under £400 a month, something unheard of in London! Secondly I’m looking forward to living near one of my oldest friends, Fiona, and to making lots of nice new friends hopefully. Of course if one of these new friends turns out to be a gorgeous and wealthy man with a sexy accent then that couldn’t hurt, but it’s not really a priority yet.

Getting to know a new city is going to be challenging but so much fun. My ex studied in Bath so for the first year and a half of our relationship I visited him there every month or so. However we didn’t explore the city all that much and a lot of it has changed since then, so aside from some places I’m expecting it to be largely unfamiliar and exciting. The Abbey, unusual boutiques and the Roman baths are all ready and waiting for me to discover them!

Finally the job itself is something to look forward to: a position in a large, highly professional company producing world-class magazines, with training opportunities and lots of scope for progression. And it can’t hurt that it also has offices in Sydney and San Francisco now can it?

Photo by Darkest Before Dawn

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