Newzeye supplements

Waste guide cover

Waste Reuse and Recycling

Waste Reuse and Recycling was a brand new supplement for January 2010. The aim was to create a new product that would appeal to the readers and advertisers of both Brownfield Briefing and Sustainable Building.

Meetings with editorial, sales, marketing and events colleagues produced the idea of a guide to construction and demolition waste and how it can be treated in a sustainable manner.

I commissioned articles from experts in the field after thorough research, and put together a brand new directory of waste companies with the help of an intern, Linda Martin.

Waste guide cover Waste guide editorialWaste guide woodWaste guide Masdar City

Remediation Solutions

Brownfield Briefing’s Remediation Solutions guide is published twice a year every year, sent to subscribers for free and sold to non-subscribers as a stand-alone title. Issue 12 was my second supplement as editor. I commissioned articles in conjunction with PRs and experts that I had built bonds with, following successful feature-planning meetings with the managing editor and sales and marketing teams.

I edited every article, selected and edited images and produced the full guide, which also include company listings tables and technical charts.

Remediation Solutions 12 coverRemediation Solutions 12 editorialRemediation Solutions 12 Dounreay

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