Lust for the city

Tower BridgeI had been back from my big adventure around North and Central America for just about one week when I ventured up to lovely lovely London.

Until I find a job in London I’m exhiled to my mum’s house in the Sussex countryside which, though very comfortable and free, isn’t nearly as exciting as the big smoke. Almost as soon as I was home I was longing for an excuse to go up, so I seized the first invitation gladly.

I was off to a friend’s place and only had 30 minutes before meeting up so I made the most of it by grabbing a chai latte – I’d missed them, my addiction, a lot in Central America – and wrapping up in wooly scarf and gloves for a walk along the Thames.

From London Bridge station I walked along past the London Dungeons and through to the Hay’s Galleria shopping arcade with its huge replica ship and festive fairy lights. After stopping off at one of the shops there I moved on to the waterfront and the HMS Belfast, then wandered along, happy despite the light drizzle and cold evening air, towards Tower Bridge.

Around City Hall there were groups of German and Japanese tourists as always, despite the rain, most of them taking photos of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. One Japanese girl bravely removed her coat before making the classic double peace sign photo in front of the bridge, warming me more than my chai steamer. I may left it for three months but London, and its brilliant visitors, were still the same.

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